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Michael Pollan, known for his excellent non-fantastic marketing voice, which encompasses Omnivores predictions and how to change his mind, was inspired to write caffeine: How caffeine created the modern world as a sound nature. In this controversial and entertaining hearing, Pollan explores the power of caffeine as the most commonly used drug in the world and the only one given to children (in the form of soda) as a gift.

Pollan takes us on a journey through the history of this drug, which was first discovered in a small part of East Africa and which has become a nuisance in many human societies in a century. It turns out that caffeine changed the course of human history, won and lost the war, changed politics, controlled the economy. Furthermore, the author points out that the industrial revolution would have been impossible without it. The science of how drugs appeared as an instigator is also not impressive. And caffeine did it all while hiding in the open! Enriched with the unique ability of Michael Pollans to entertain, inform and take action, caffeine is necessary for listening in a world where about two billion cups of coffee are drunk daily.

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Caffeine by Michael Pollan

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  • Caffeine by Michael Pollan download torrent
  • Caffeine by Michael Pollan download torrent